After your car breaks down and you find yourself stranded on the side of the road in Ontario, awaiting for a towing service to arrive, you may begin to ponder the question of how much does towing cost in Ontario? You probably can guess that you need to fork over a decent amount of change to fix your recently malfunctioning vehicle and now, to make matters worse, you may have to pay a significant amount to tow it off the road. Talk about a financial headache.

Well, don’t stress yet, towing costs are dependent on various factors and it may not be as expensive as you think. Let’s explore towing cost in Ontario and what factors go into pricing towing services.

Variables determining Towing Cost in Ontario

towing cost in Ontario


Depending on how far you need the vehicle towed, the cost will vary. Local towing tends to fall on the cheaper end as if you are within the area, the tower does not need to travel far to reach your destination. If you contact a tower for a long distance tow, the costs will tend to build and the drivers may charge based on distance travelled or perhaps a flat fee depending on cities travelled.

For example, at Tow Trucks Pickering, local towing in Pickering and the Durham area will be significantly cheaper if the arrival and destination are both locally close to one another. Towing to regions extending further of Durham will result in an increase of price. Local towing costs in Ontario can vary from approximately $50 to $150 for standard vehicles. Most towing companies will charge a base fee that covers a certain distance travelled and anything beyond that may incur additional charges. Also, delays at the scene or during transit, may generate extra charges.

Long distance towing, referring to traversing cities and/or provinces, can become quite expensive. Towing providers may charge per kilometer beyond a certain radius from their base location and add any towing charges they accrue during their service. Long distance towing can range from as low as $150 to $500+ depending on distance as well as other factors.

Type of Vehicle

Towing cost can vary significantly when it comes to the type of vehicle requested for towing. Towing a sedan or a small car is quite manageable for majority of towing businesses and is typically the least expensive, ranging between $50 – $150 for local towing.

Towing larger motorized vehicles is a stark contrast to sedan with respect to the end cost to the consumer. For example, towing a boat would be more taxing on the towing business due to the need for more resources to facilitate the service such as fuel.

More labor and perhaps even more specialized equipment would be required for the boat while the car is more common and more manageable for the towing business. Also, some customers may request a specialized type of tow for luxury vehicles to reduce potential damage and harm while in transit. Flatbed tow trucks may be requested for motorcycles, vintage cars, etc. Costs can range from $100 to $300+ depending on size and distance.

Time of Day and Week

Along with distance and type of vehicle, time of day and week can impact towing cost in Ontario. If you request towing services during regular Monday to Friday business hours, you may experience competitive prices as majority of towing businesses operate primarily during this window.

Towing after hours may see a spike in price due to increased demand and a decrease in the number of towing companies operating. If the towing service is urgently needed, you may also see an additional cost incurred in order to service the vehicle during uncommon hours.

Some towing companies also offer 24/7 around the clock service to customers and this may be charged at a premium if you are looking to tow in off-hours. All these are heavily influenced by the availability of operators in the area and supply and demand of the service required.

Overall, there are many factors in determining towing cost in Ontario, with distance, type of vehicle, and time of day and week being critical variables. It is always best to consulate with your towing providers to get an accurate estimate and determine what service is best for your needs.

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