lockout recovery

found yourself locked out of your car?

Tow Trucks Pickering offers lockout recovery services to unlock your motor vehicle. Our drivers are quick and careful to ensure no damage to your car during the process and will communicate with you throughout.

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How does the unlocking process work?

For mechanical locks, the first step would be to use your spare key to unlock the vehicle. If you do not possess the spare key, if your key fob is stuck inside the car, but the car is equipped with keyless entry, you may be able to use an emergency key blade or key code to access the vehicle. There are also more rudimentary means of accessing the vehicle while maintaining the integrity of the vehicle.

For remote starters, if you have lost all means to access your vehicle, the dealership may need to be contacted to gain access to your locked vehicle. We can organize the travel from the breakdown point to the car dealership location.

different unlocking services to assist with almost any types of cars

servicing multiple locations for this service

Friendly and cooperative – your needs are our priority