Flat Tire Change

Flat tire and need a change?

Tow Trucks Pickering offers flat tire removal and change to ensure a hassle free experience. We will diagnose the problem and get to work to replace your tire in a timely manner. Serving multiple types of vehicles, we are ready for any challenges that may present themselves.

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How does a tire become flat?

The most common scenario encountered on the road is a puncture to the tire. The road is littered with sharp objects such as nails, glass, and screws which often play culprit to a sudden flat tire. Air leakages from tire sidewalls, damage from poorly maintained roads (potholes), and general wear and tear are additional reasons we consistently see flats. It can seem stressful as a flat tire is never planned, but the solution is relatively straight forward and quick.

How is a flat tire changed?

Please consult a professional for this service and the below is simply informational.

You would need specific tools like a car jack and a lug wrench to change your flat tire to your spare. Often, vehicles come with a lug wrench and sometimes the jack as well, but these may need to be purchased if you are planning on changing the tire yourself. The lug nuts that fasten the tire to the vehicle frame need to loosened off (not completely screwed off) and then you can raise the vehicle via the jack (manual needs to be consulted on where to best position the jack under the car). Lug nuts then would be removed completely to remove the flat tire which will then be replaced with the spare. Lug nuts would be partially screwed back in and the car lowered to the ground level by the jack. The lug nuts would be fully tightened to the correct torque and the jack removed.

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