All of us tenured drivers have experienced those moments when your smooth driving unexpectedly turns rocky. You pull over to exit the car and upon inspection you see the issue. While stranded, you sigh and start to mull over the costs and inconveniences associated with fixing the problem. Luckily, the most common culprits to roadside assistance situations can be resolved with one phone call to your local tow truck driver. The number of car issues appear infinite but some of the most common are covered by tow trucking companies.

We explore the most frequently required services down below and detail when to call a professional for help.

Battery Jumpstart Services

Dying (or dead) batteries are a common vehicular problem and majority of consumers find themselves in need of changing it every few years. The symptoms of one are telling enough that most can take action to have it remediated prior to finding themselves stranded on road due to a sudden battery drain. However, many consumers still manage to end up in this situation and require immediate assistance. That is where towing service providers such as Tow Trucks Pickering come in handy!

Towing services will immediately dispatch with the necessary equipment once the car owner makes the distress call to the towing service provider. Depending on distance, drivers will arrive onto the scene quickly, performing a triage of the vehicle and if a dead battery is deemed the issue, the driver will begin to jumpstart the vehicle with a portable charged battery acting as the positive energy source. If you are in need of such assistance, our towing Pickering business offers a battery jumpstarting service that services many in the Pickering and the Durham area.

Flat Tire Repiar

One of the most common on-road issues is the unexpected flat tire. Road debris can range from substances, materials, and objects that are foreign to the normal roadway environment which can potentially harm your car. It is littered with sharp objects such as nails, glass, and screws which can easily puncture your tire and leave you with a flat. Aside from punctures, your tire can quickly go flat from air leakage due to a faulty tire sidewall,  damage from poorly maintained roads (potholes), and general wear and tear.

Towing services are readily available to provide road assistance to any drivers who are left isolated on road. Removal and change will be done seamlessly by professionals and if a spare tire is unavailable, the vehicle can be towed to a safe destination. If you are stuck in Pickering and/or Durham (even Toronto), our towing Pickering services offers a flat tire change service for your convenience.

Fuel Delivery

When your fuel gauge starts to near the empty indicator on your dashboard, majority of drivers will take this as a indication to travel to their nearest gas station. However, some enjoy the thrills of life and wish to see how long they can avoid refueling as the needle moves closer to the big red ‘E’. The car stalls and stops; that’s what typically happens. In these cases, you would need a fuel injection delivered if you are stranded on an empty tank with no gas station in sight.

Tow truck drivers can help with this process and are ready on standby. Fuel requirements will be captured during inbound call intake and a driver will start to make their way to your location with the necessary fuel. We offer a fuel delivery service in Pickering and the Durham region.

Lockout Recovery

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating then exiting your car and realizing too late that you left your car keys inside. It is disheartening because this was completely preventable and in your control but nevertheless, you are locked out and need help.

Towing service providers can provide assistance by helping you unlock your vehicle whether it is mechanical or perhaps even remote. Some vehicle models may require specialized intervention and the driver may offer to tow your vehicle to a specified dealer to resolve these special cases. Towing Pickering service providers such as Tow Trucks Pickering offers a lockout recovery service for your comfort and ease.


The core service behind any towing provider is the towing of your malfunctioning car to a safe destination. Tow trucks range in functionality, Flatbed tow trucks are often used for transporting vehicles that cannot be towed with traditional methods, such as luxury cars and Wheel-lift tow trucks are commonly used for towing smaller to mid-sized vehicles that are parked illegally, have mechanical issues, or are involved in accidents. Integrated tow trucks are heavy-duty vehicles designed for towing large commercial trucks while hook and chain tow trucks were once common but are now less favored due to their potential to damage vehicles. If you are in need of a towing Pickering service, Tow Trucks Pickering offers a robust towing service that can handle an array of vehicle types.

While there are many types of services tow truck businesses provide, most common on-road vehicular problems usually fall into the category of roadside assistance (battery boost, flat tire, gasoline delivery, lockout recovery) or towing of stationary vehicles. Tow Trucks Pickering provides a towing Pickering service to our clientele and this extends across to majority of the Durham region.

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